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    Notas de la versión: Use the same customization CSS for styling content of both WebHelp Responsive and PDF output. WebHelp Responsive New Comments Component - WebHelp Responsive output now has a new comments component. It is based on Oxygen Feedback, a modern comment ... Leer más

  2. Capturas de pantalla: Nevron Chart for SharePoint is a must-have charting package for any Midsize or Enterprise business, if you are using SharePoint within your organization. Nevron Chart for SharePoint helps you add advanced, interactive charting to your SharePoint projects ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Fast, flexible, fully featured mocking framework. Telerik JustMock is an easy to use mocking tool designed to help you create better unit tests, fast. JustMock makes it easier for you to create mock objects and set expectations independently of external ... Leer más

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    Descripción: .NET and JavaScript components and tools for modern and high-performant app development on any platform. Telerik DevCraft Complete spans all .NET and JavaScript technologies, delivering outstanding UI with a broad array of styling and customization, and ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Build modern apps with sleek UI. Telerik DevCraft UI provides .NET and JavaScript technologies to deliver outstanding UI with a broad array of styling and customization. Telerik DevCraft UI is for developers who build .NET and JavaScript apps and need ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Easily build modern UI for web, desktop and mobile apps with .NET, JavaScript, Reporting and Productivity tools. Telerik DevCraft Ultimate spans all .NET and JavaScript technologies, delivering outstanding UI with a broad array of styling and ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Adds ability to preserve the state of opened tests on Test Studio restart. New Support for the official Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. Note that once you have the new Microsoft Edge Chromium, you will not be able to automate the old deprecated Microsoft ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Error occurred in the BarcodeReader's constructors and methods which take BufferedImage as an argument. Detection of barcode region returns incorrect result. ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Issue with Hebrew language. Report publishing failed. ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Imaging APIs for cross platform development. Aspose.Imaging Product Family includes native APIs to draw, manipulate, transform & convert images. It includes components and add-ins for .NET, Java and SharePoint. Aspose.Imaging Product Family Features ... Leer más