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    Descripción: Publish DITA and DocBook to WebHelp. Oxygen XML WebHelp helps you transform DITA and DocBook resources into WebHelp output. You can transform DITA and DocBook documents into three types of WebHelp systems, Desktop WebHelp (using the predefined DITA ... Leer más

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    Notas de la versión: Adds partial support for C# 8.0. v10.2.2 Updated May 5, 2020 Fixes RP-4201: Exporting source code no longer causes PathTooLongException. RP-4247: Static auto-properties will now hide getter/setter compiler-generated method body. RP-4248: Names of type ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Unit test Add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Test allows you to write unit tests for SQL Server databases in SQL Server Management Studio. If you want to do SQL Server unit testing in T-SQL, and run it as part of your automated builds, SQL Test ... Leer más

  4. Descripción: Continuous compilation in Visual Studio. .NET Demon compiles your code continuously, so you see errors as soon as they are introduced. The list of errors in your solution is always up to date, you can quickly see the overall status of your solution in the ... Leer más

  5. Descripción: Develop and deploy databases in Visual Studio with migration scripts. ReadyRoll brings Dev and Ops together, allowing users to develop and deploy SQL Server databases in Visual Studio with a migrations-based approach. It generates numerically ordered SQL ... Leer más