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  1. $$$$$ | Compra
    About InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud

    Descripción: Easily create Cloud-ready and enterprise-ready virtual appliances that require no technical expertise to install. InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud provides application producers with an easy and convenient solution to take their ... Leer más

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    About Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition

    Descripción: XML-aware diff/merge tool for file and directory differencing. Altova DiffDog Enterprise is a powerful diff/merge tool for files, folders, and directories. It also includes support for comparing/merging Microsoft Word documents, XML Schemas, and comparing ... Leer más

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    About Altova StyleVision Professional Edition

    Descripción: A stylesheet and report designer for XML, databases, and XBRL. Altova StyleVision Professional Edition is a drag-and-drop, visual XML-to-HTML stylesheet designer for graphically designing XSLT 1.0/2.0 templates that render HTML output from XML content. It ... Leer más

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    About Altova DiffDog Professional Edition

    Descripción: XML-aware diff/merge tool for file and directory differencing. Altova DiffDog Professional Edition allows you to diff/merge of text files, folders, and directories. It also includes XML-aware comparison options. Altova DiffDog Features File Comparison ... Leer más

  5. 15. ArcPDF i

    Marca: PEERNET
    Categoría principal: Otras aplicaciones de edición
    About ArcPDF

    Descripción: Edit PDF Documents using Word. ArcPDF is a time-saving solution for converting your PDF documents back to Microsoft Word or Rich Text format (RTF) files. Never again be faced with the problem of having to re-type the entire document. Quickly recover text ... Leer más

  6. About WebCab Functions (J2SE Edition)

    Descripción: Java API Components offering refined numerical procedures to either construct a function of one or two variables from a set of points (i.e. interpolate), or solve an equation of one variable. WebCab Functions (J2SE Edition) includes interpolation ... Leer más

  7. About WebCab Optimization (J2EE Edition)

    Descripción: EJB collection containing refined procedures for solving sensitivity analysis on uni and multi dimensional, local or global optimization problems. WebCab Optimization includes Specialized Linear programming algorithms based on the Simplex Algorithm and ... Leer más

  8. About WebCab Probability and Statistics (J2SE Edition)

    Descripción: Drop a broad range of statistical and probabilistic functionality into your applications. WebCab Probability and Statistics (J2SE Edition) offers functionality from Basic Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Hypothesis ... Leer más

  9. About WebCab ScrollArea

    Descripción: Embed images, web links, and smooth scrolling within a Java text area. WebCab ScrollArea is a JavaBean component that allows you to embed images, modify colors and fonts, permit word wrap, and offer smooth scrolling. Features include customizable ... Leer más

  10. About WebCab Bonds (J2EE Edition)

    Descripción: EJB Suite offering general Interest derivatives pricing framework: set contract and vol/price/interest models and run MC. WebCab Bonds (J2EE Edition) allows the pricing and risk analytics of interest rate cash and derivative products. Also covered: ... Leer más