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  1. $$ | Compra

    Descripción: Enables your application to send, receive, parse and manage e-mail over POP3, IMAP4, SMTP and SSL protocols. MailBee Objects is a complete set of ActiveX components you can use to create and send messages to SMTP servers, receive, parse and delete e-mail ... Leer más

  2. Descripción: Let your applications manage appointments and arrange them by day, week, work week or month. Codejock Calendar for ActiveX COM provides Windows developers with Outlook style calendar and date selection components. Easily create a calendar that can manage ... Leer más

  3. $ | Compra

    Descripción: Create PDF417 and MicroPDF barcodes from within your applications. Active Barcode Component - PDF417 is an ActiveX/Automation Control that allows barcode images to be created within the user's own software or created on the fly from data in a ... Leer más

  4. Descripción: Give your applications resolution independence. ReSize alters the sizes, font sizes, and positions of controls on Visual Basic forms as they are sized, without requiring you to write any code - simply place ReSize on the form. It can even handle controls ... Leer más

  5. $$$ | Compra

    Descripción: Add a comprehensive set of object-oriented components to your ActiveX COM applications. Codejock Controls for ActiveX COM provides Windows developers with several ready-to-use components that have been thoroughly designed and tested. Features Overview ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Make your applications size and resolution independent. ResizeKit is an ActiveX/VCL component that automatically changes the size of all controls and fonts so they will be displayed on any sized form. Full control is provided to customize the resizing ... Leer más

  7. 47. Janus GridEX Comprar

    Marca: Janus Systems
    Categoría principal: Componentes de rejillas

    Descripción: Add versatile data-bound or unbound grids to your applications. Janus GridEX 2000 is a grid component that allows you to build a user interface similar to Microsoft Outlook, complete with tabs, button bars, tool tips, and more. Create effective user ... Leer más

  8. Descripción: Build sophisticated runtime reports or technical drawings. ViewPro is a dynamic report generator for building reports or drawings that are difficult or impossible to achieve with a static report writer. It lets you place tables, graphs, pictures, and ... Leer más

  9. 49. TrendViewer Comprar

    Marca: ICS GmbH
    Categoría principal: Componentes para gráficos
    $$$ | Compra

    Descripción: View measured data in highly interactive, complex diagrams. TrendViewer is an ActiveX charting tool for integration in applications implemented in Visual Basic, VBA or Visual C++, .NET-compatible) or as an Add-On into SCADA Systems (WinCC, Intouch, iFix). ... Leer más

  10. $ | Compra

    Descripción: Add multilingual capabilities to your List & Label Reports. The List & Label Designer language kits enhance the Designer with many languages that can be switched to when you need them. This makes your application fit for multilingual teams and ... Leer más