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Controles ActiveX (OLE & COM) / Microsoft - Productos más vendidos de

  1. $ | Compra

    Descripción: Add multilingual capabilities to your List & Label Reports. The List & Label Designer language kits enhance the Designer with many languages that can be switched to when you need them. This makes your application fit for multilingual teams and ... Leer más

  2. $$$$ | Compra

    Descripción: Micro QR-Code reading and writing support. GdPicture QR-Code Reader And Generator Plugin is a 100% royalty-free QR-Code and Micro QR-Code reader & generator toolkit for developing applications using GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK. Add to your document ... Leer más

  3. 73. VideoCapX Comprar

    Marca: Fath Software
    Categoría principal: Componentes audiovisuales

    Descripción: Add capture, playback and processing to your applications. VideoCapX multimedia ActiveX component allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards and cameras to their applications. Whether you are creating a multimedia player, a TiVo ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Allows your applications or ASP web pages to create and send email messages over SMTP protocol just in a few lines of code. MailBee Objects SMTP is an easy to use ActiveX component for creating and sending e-mail messages through SMTP servers. You can ... Leer más

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    Descripción: Make your applications size and resolution independent. ResizeKit is an ActiveX/VCL component that automatically changes the size of all controls and fonts so they will be displayed on any sized form. Full control is provided to customize the resizing ... Leer más

  6. $$$ | Compra

    Descripción: Powerful file upload capabilities for your website users on PC and Mac. Aurigma Upload Suite allows your website users to upload multiple files and folders to your server or Amazon S3 cloud storage with a single click. Aurigma Upload Suite works on any ... Leer más

  7. $ | Compra

    Descripción: A fast, lightweight ActiveX (OCX) component that gives your applications resolution independence. Softgroup VB Form Resize automatically resizes all controls and fonts contained in a VB Form as they are sized. To use Softgroup VB Forms Resize simply add ... Leer más

  8. $$$ | Compra

    Descripción: Create sophisticated Visual Studio.NET style property grids. Codejock Property Grid for Visual C++ MFC provides Windows developers with a comprehensive, fully customizable property grid giving your application a professional and modern interface. Windows ... Leer más

  9. 79. MPlatform SDK Comprar

    Marca: Medialooks
    Categoría principal: Componentes audiovisuales
    $$$$$ | Compra

    Descripción: Build broadcast automation, ingest and video mixing applications. MPlatform is a professional multimedia software development kit with native support for C#, VB.NET, VB6, Visual C++ and Delphi. MPlatform includes direct integration with hardware I/O from ... Leer más

  10. 80. Janus GridEX Comprar

    Marca: Janus Systems
    Categoría principal: Componentes de rejillas

    Descripción: Add versatile data-bound or unbound grids to your applications. Janus GridEX 2000 is a grid component that allows you to build a user interface similar to Microsoft Outlook, complete with tabs, button bars, tool tips, and more. Create effective user ... Leer más