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Dapfor .Net Grid adds Right-to-Left support

Right-to-left support available in grid, editors, context menus, tooltips and reports.
Mai 24, 2012 - 14:08

Dapfor .Net Grid is a hierarchical data presentation grid that features single or multiple headers, real-time row grouping, sorting, filtration, cell highlighting, rich custom cell editors and standard editors. It combines high performance (50,000 cell updates/second), thread-safe implementation, no deadlock risks, XML and binary serialization, data binding and more. Dapfor .Net Grid also includes standard editors based on UITypeEditor class, advanced cell editors and row docking features.

Updates in V2.8.0

  • Right-to-left support available in grid, editors, context menus, tooltips and reports
  • Merge and combine columns in groups with a common header
  • Move columns, change column size and sort
  • Full customization of header appearance including images and background color
  • Added Grid.Nodes.Insert() method for inserting data in any position
  • Added Row.Insert() method for inserting data at any hierarchical level
  • Foreground color blinking method added

About Dapfor

Since 2007 Dapfor has developed software components for applications that require high performance and reliability. Their main product, Dapfor .Net Grid, was initially designed for electronic trading systems. It needed to be robust, consume minimal memory and CPU resources, have an ergonomic and simple user interface and a rich API. As a result, Dapfor created a productive and robust hierarchical grid.

Real-time updates in Dapfor .Net Grid

Dapfor .Net Grid

Grille .NET avec groupement, éditeurs, 50 000 mises à jour/s., faible consommation de CPU et de mémoire, et bien plus encore.

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