TX Text Control adds Transparent Text Frames

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Place a text frame on top of an image, set its background to transparent, and then add text.
Août 03, 2012 - 13:42
TX Text Control adds Transparent Text Frames
Document created using TX Text Control.

TX Text Control is a royalty-free word processing control that offers developers a broad range of word processing features in one reusable component. It is ideally suited to all applications that demand powerful, but flexible word processing features.

Updates in X8

  • Transparent Text Frames (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Z-Order of Objects (text frames, images or charts) (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Background Images (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Updated Status Bar with Zoom Slider (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Support for EMF - Enhanced Metafile (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Improved Object Handling (aspect ratio resizing, object moving) (ActiveX, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • MailMerge and ServerTextControl usable in client-side applications (Windows Forms, WPF)
  • New Ribbon Interface in TX Text Control Words (Windows Forms, WPF)
  • PDF Reflow - Improved PDF Import (Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D Charting (Windows Forms)

About Text Control

Text Control is a leading manufacturer of word processing components for Microsoft development technologies. The company was created in 1991 and is self-owned and independent of investor decisions. With more than 45,000 licenses sold, in more than 80 countries, TX Text Control is the clear market leader in word processing components. A large number of Fortune 500 companies use TX Text Control in their products and TX Text Control is part of several standard software packages.