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Identifiez et anticipez les bogues logiciels avec précision et pertinence.
Décembre 18, 2019 - 14:39
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  • Write Better Code - DeepCode alerts you to critical vulnerabilities in your code. Don't let security bugs go to production, save time finding and fixing them.
  • 100M Commits Analyzed - Security issues and vulnerabilities that no other tool can find.
  • 90% Precision - The ML algorithms detect your code's intent, not just syntax mistakes.
  • More Critical Issues - The software notifies you of critical bugs when you commit.
  • Zero Configuration Required - Offers suggestions from similar commits in open source repos.
  • Automated AI Code Review - The bot reviews your every code commit and will immediately let you know of critical vulnerabilities and suggest how to fix them.
  • A Higher Standard for Software Audit - DeepCode finds critical vulnerabilities that other automated code reviews don't, such as Cross-Site Scripting, Path Traversal or SQL injection.
  • Visual Studio Code Extension - Get the power of DeepCode's analysis on every save and immediately get notified of critical vulnerabilities and other bugs.
DeepCode AI Code Review

DeepCode AI Code Review

Identifie et anticipe les bogues logiciels avec une précision et une pertinence optimales.

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