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Septembre 07, 2021 - 17:22
Offre spéciale

Wijmo is a comprehensive collection of fast, flexible, and familiar JavaScript UI components. Designed for building modern enterprise applications, Wijmo includes a powerful datagrid, charts, maps, gauges, inputs, and much more – all with support for Angular, React, and Vue.

Time is running out to get Wijmo at significant savings! You can save nearly 60%* on Wijmo Core and over 65%* on Wijmo Enterprise, but you have to act now - the Back to Business Summer Promotion ends on Wednesday, 22-September, 2021.

*Discount also includes Platinum Support.

Wijmo Core - Includes the powerful FlexGrid, FlexChart, Input, Gauges, Navigation, PDF, and Excel components, enabling you to build lightweight but powerful JavaScript applications.

Wijmo Enterprise - The Enterprise Edition includes everything in Wijmo Core, along with FinancialChart, FlexPivot/OLAP, FlexSheet, MultiRow Data Grid and the cutting-edge, lightweight ReportViewer.

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Wijmo special offer ends 22-Sep-2021

Wijmo Core

Une centaine de composants d'interface utilisateur JavaScript dynamiques pour les applications d'entreprise.

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