AlchemyJ v4.1.3

Ajoute une nouvelle fonction qui récupère les données d’une base de données et les exporte directement vers un classeur Excel.
Novembre 8, 2021
Nouvelle Version


  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajDBExportToWorkbook which retrieves data from a database and exports it directly to a Microsoft Excel workbook.
  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajDBImportFromWorkbook which retrieves data from an Excel workbook and inserts it into a database table.
  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajDBRunSPToWorkbook which exports the result of a stored procedure directly to an Excel workbook.
  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajWebService which is an enhancement over ajWebServiceREST and ajWebServiceSOAP. It supports getting header and cookie values from the response, SSL certificate check, and more.
  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Functions for folder operations: ajCopyFolder, ajDeleteFolder, ajFolderExists, ajMoveFolder, ajRenameFolder, ajFolderList, ajFileProperty and ajCreateFolder.
  • Added support for 39 Excel functions.
  • ajCheckDataItem has been modified to ignore empty records.
  • ajJsonPath has a new Run by Function Point parameter which prevents it from running every time a workbook is calculated.


Un outil essentiel pour les calculs complexes.

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