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activePDF Meridian is a robust, server-based network PDF printer providing network administrators an easy, cost-effective way to deploy PDF creation enterprise-wide. There are no per user or per document fees. PDF settings and options are controlled at the administrator level guaranteeing pixel-perfect PDF file output. Individual printers can be created with custom settings for specific output devices, unique departmental needs, or to enforce organization-wide requirements. End users simply print PDF output files to a Meridian printer from any application saving PDF output to a local client or a business required server location. An optional API allows developers to automate Meridian print jobs and integrate custom PDF creation with a wide variety of desktop applications. Any Windows®-based program that can print can generate PDFs using activePDF Meridian.

activePDF Meridian Key Features:
Meridian by ActivePDF is a PDF automation solution that provides all users access to a centrally controlled Network Print-to-PDF application. Anything that can be printed to paper can be transformed to PDF.

  • Network Print to PDF
  • An easy, cost-effective method to deploy PDF transformation enterprise-wide
  • Server-based installation, client-side print driver
  • Enterprise Class performance for multithread simultaneous jobs under stress
  • No per-user or per-document fees...

Dernières nouvelles

activePDF Meridian 2010 R5.4
activePDF Meridian 2010 R5.4
Inclut désormais un nom de fichier par défaut si la demande d’impression n’a pas précisé le nom du fichier de sortie.
activePDF Meridian 2010 R4
activePDF Meridian 2010 R4
Includes bug fixes.

Prix à partir de : $ 1,225.00

Annual Production Licenses (1 Year Term): The Annual License allows you to use the software for a 12 month period for production use only, execution of the software for the purposes of running day to...

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