Nouveautés d'Astah SysML

What's New in Astah SysML

What's new in Astah SysML V1.4?

  • High-res display support.
  • Mac Full Screen Mode Support.
  • Extension on Requirement's stereotype - now you are able to add any stereotypes other than pre-defined ones.

What's new in Astah SysML V1.3?

  • Ability to set "Represent" for Partitions
  • Ability to create 'Actor' parts in Internal Block Diagrams
  • Improvement on the Connector's property configuration (Association End name and Multiplicity)

What's new in Astah SysML V1.2?

  • Copy and Paste models between two .asml files - now you are able to copy and paste models between different files from one Astah SysML to another.
  • Nested part support in IBD
  • Easier to set port direction
  • Port(Port, Full Port, Proxy Port) Compartment support in BDD
  • Enhanced alignment of ports in IB

What's new in Astah SysML V1.1?

  • API Implementation
  • Plug-in architecture support
  • Multi-platform support
  • Big fixes and feature improvements...etc