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Now you can create high-fidelity Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) charts and graphs using the new xamChart control. Designed from the beginning as a WPF control, the xamChart fully exposes the new explosive features you need including breathtaking 2D and 3D graphics, transformations, data binding from rich data sources, and animated storyboards. You can choose the best chart type for your users to visualize large volumes of data, and draw meaningful conclusions with applications such as forecasting, trend analysis and reporting. Stylable through theming and with data templates, your charts will always have that high-end professionally designed appearance that impresses as it informs.

xamChart features at a glance:

  • Charts, Charts and More Charts — xamChart brings your WPF application both common chart types (incl. pie charts, line charts, bar charts and more) as well as chart types for specialized applications, like financial candle charts.
  • Data Binding — Connect many kinds of data sources to the xamChart to graph data points on any number of data series, you can even use data templates to style individual data points, data markers and the legend.
  • 3D Made Easy — Most 2D...

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