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Great product. The best grid...

martin.hossfeldGermany5 étoile
Great product. The best grid I have seen so far. It will replace TrueDBGrid in all our applications, because it is much more powerful. Very easy to use and lots of useful features; I especially like the grouping feature and the property editor; both are outstanding. The online help is useful, but not really up to the standard of the product itself. However, this is not really a problem, as their support is by a long margin the best I have experienced so far. It never took more than 8 hours to get a competent response to my questions; usually I got it within an hour or so; these guys must be working all around the clock. There is very little left to be desired: a filter bar, outlining (however this is not a big problem as their grouping can do most of it) and column merging - These things are the ONLY reason we are still using any other grids as well.