Kintivo Commerce for SharePoint

Kintivo Commerce for SharePoint allows you to add Internal Order Processing, B2B, or B2C sales order and management processes plus shopping cart capabilities to your SharePoint site (internal or external sites. The eCommerce Module adds ordering and transaction capabilities to Ava Tax Certified SharePoint. Take orders for anything; internal supplies, products, merchandise, memberships, event registrations or even subscriptions through a single order system.

With Kintivo Commerce for SharePoint you control the checkoutr process.

Used for B2B and B2C sales order and management processes. Used externally to sell shippable and non-shippable products. Used inernally for eProcure processes.

Organizations also use eCommerce Module for SharePointto automatically grant access to secured online areas such as portals, sites, sub-sites, document libraries or pages.

Subscription bsaed products can be set to expire based on the number of days from purchase, or a...

Prix à partir de : $ 11,515.00

Licenses are purchased per production Web Front End server. One license covers one (1) production server, and unlimited non-production servers (development servers , test servers, staging servers, etc...

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