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PostSharp Logging (formerly PostSharp Diagnostics) is an instrumentation toolbox for .NET and .NET Core. It allows you to add extensive logging to your application in minutes and direct it to any logging framework. PostSharp Logging is easy to use but still provides all the detail you need, see parameter values, timing, and more. Much faster than hand-written code and fully customizable, you can override every single moving part. PostSharp also provides integration with your existing logging framework.

Super Fast

  • Zero Logging = Zero Cost – If logging is disabled for a given namespace during application start-up, the cost overhead is strictly zero.
  • Enable/disable at run time – Logging can be turned on and off dynamically at run time using a simple API.
  • Minimal memory allocation – PostSharp Logging does not allocate memory until the very last moment.
  • Performance warnings – Set up a warning when the method execution time exceeds a given threshold.

Super Detailed

You can choose to include the...

Dernières nouvelles

PostSharp v6.5
PostSharp v6.5
Prend en charge Docker.
PostSharp v6.4.x
PostSharp v6.4.x
Prend en charge C# 8, .NET Core 3.0 WPF et WinForms.
PostSharp v6.3
PostSharp v6.3
Prise en charge de Linux et macOS, et améliorations des performances VSX.
PostSharp Diagnostics v6.2.5
PostSharp Diagnostics v6.2.5
Prend en charge Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
PostSharp Diagnostics 6.1
PostSharp Diagnostics 6.1
Améliore l'expérience de débogage (en particulier les méthodes asynchrones) et la journalisation des applications distribuées.
PostSharp Diagnostics v6.0
PostSharp Diagnostics v6.0
Améliore la journalisation et prend en charge .NET Standard 2.0.

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