À propos de SharePoint Document Merge

Fusionnez les données de liste dans des e-mails et des modèles de documents Word, Excel et PowerPoint prédéfinis.

SharePoint Document helps you define Word and/or Excel and/or PowerPoint templates, store them in document libraries or access them from a drive location, then easily merge those templates with data from SharePoint lists. You can then automatically generate the populated documents to a user specified SharePoint document library.

  • Merge any SharePoint list data into Word, Excel and PowerPoint Templates with no coding.
  • Save data entry time and increase productivity.
  • Very easy to install. Very easy to use, no training required.
  • Tightly integrated into SharePoint. Easy access via Ribbon Menu and Items Context Menu.
  • Simple Template Creation using Merge Field (Word) or Placeholders (Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Specify output SharePoint document library and customize document file names.
  • One click automatic creation of multiple Merged Documents.
  • Merge multiple SharePoint list data into a single Word document.
  • Merge multiple Word documents into a single word document from a Document Library.
  • Merge multiple PowerPoint documents into a single PowerPoint document from a Document Library.
  • Save Word and Excel Documents as PDF.
  • Merge rich text field content.
  • Set locale and number formatting.
  • Merge with related list / merge repeated rows.
  • Mail merge options.
  • Two options to send mail (via Outlook and SharePoint).
  • Pre-set configuration templates.
  • Remote event receiver automated workflows.