WebTreeView is an ASP.NET treeview control offering advanced functionality like tristate checkbox, load on demand, drag and drop, keyboard navigation support, sophisticated built-in animation during expanding and collapsing the node, node editing, quick configuration by using SmartTag Designer and much more. WebTreeView is also highly customizable in terms of style, appearance, and images of the node and frame. You can set the default image width and height, expand and collapse image height and width, line image height and width, loading image, and loading text. WebTreeView can also be bought as part of WebUI Studio for ASP.NET and WebUI Studio Premier.

WebTreeView Main features:

  • Tristate Checkbox: WebTreeView includes a Tri-state checkbox. These three states (tri state) are: checked, indeterminate, and unchecked
  • Load on Demand: The Load on Demand technique comes in handy when you have complex data presentation structure. The concept behind this technique is rendering the child node when needed, which is when the node is expanded
  • Animation during expanding or collapsing a node: WebTreeView.NET offers animated and interactive user interface...

Dernières nouvelles

WebTreeView patch released
WebTreeView patch released
August 25, 2010Version du correctif
WebUI Studio 2009 R2 SP1 released
WebUI Studio 2009 R2 SP1 released
February 12, 2010Édition
Latest update includes numerous enhancements, fixes and stability improvements across ASP.NET and Silverlight products.
WebTreeView patch released
WebTreeView patch released
October 27, 2009Version du correctif

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