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productivity - Static Link Library / Visual Studio 2015 - Les plus appreciés

  1. Témoignages de clients : We have used /n software products for several years. Your products and support are awesome! Mark S ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

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  5. Notes de publication : Updates in 2011 Vol 2 V15.3.1 Xtreme CommandBars Fixed unnecessary CommandBars re-draw when workstation is locked Fixed Dynamic MiniToolBar position (above and below the popup menu) as in MS Office Added a flag to support keyboard events in MiniToolBar custom controls Now uses Tahoma as fall-back ... Lire la suite

  6. Description : Give your application a professional, modern appearance. Codejock Toolkit Pro for Visual C++ MFC helps you create professional applications that incorporate a full set of highly customizable user interface components including Visual Studio style docking panes and Office style Ribbons, Toolbars, ... Lire la suite

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