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  1. Description : Feature-rich syntax-highlighting code editor control with optional Intellisense for C# and VB. SyntaxEditor  for WinForms is a powerful text editing control that is packed with features for efficient code editing, including syntax highlighting, code ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Advanced, customizable docking toolbars, menus and statusbars. Actipro Bars is an advanced bar component that is based entirely on a command/command link design pattern, allowing centralized command updates to filter through to every instance in the user ... Lire la suite

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    Description : A complete docking tool window and multiple document interface solution. Actipro Docking & MDI allows your end users to drag and dock windows wherever they please, and to persist their customizations. It has been implemented with flexibility in mind ... Lire la suite

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    Description : An Outlook-like navigation bar control. Actipro Navigation contains a NavigationBar control similar to the one found in Outlook. It has an elegant user interface which uses buttons to control which navigation pane is selected. Panes can display data or ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Add syntax-highlighting code editors, advanced menus/toolbars, docking windows and MDI features to your applications. Actipro WinForms Studio Suite contains all individual WinForms control products, along with free upgrades and any new WinForms products ... Lire la suite

  6. Description : Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs in your applications. Actipro Wizard for WinForms dialogs simplify the user experience of applications by taking complex tasks and breaking them up into a series of simple steps. Actipro Wizard is a ... Lire la suite

  7. 7. LightningChart Pro Archivé

    Marque : Arction
    Catégorie principale : Composants des graphiques

    Description : Super-fast real-time chart control library for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Pro is especially designed for professional data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific research, medical and other real-time ... Lire la suite

  8. 8. LightningChart Ultimate Archivé

    Marque : Arction
    Catégorie principale : Composants des graphiques

    Description : Fast measurement, engineering and research data visualization software development kit for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Ultimate SDK consists of LightningChartUltimate, SignalGenerator, ChartManager and SignalReader .NET WinForms components. ... Lire la suite