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    Description : Diagramming, Scheduling, Charts and UI for JavaScript apps. MindFusion.JavaScript Pack includes interactive JavaScript libraries that are easy to use and easy to customize. Users can perform a variety of actions on any of the JavaScript components ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Compare and synchronize SQL database objects and table records. Database Comparer VCL helps to compare, synchronize and update database structure. You can compare one database with another or a database with a SQL/DDL script. You can view all differences ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Components for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SFTP (SSH), DKIM, OAUTH, SOAP and comparing and synchronizing databases. Clever Internet Suite & Database Comparer VCL Bundle includes 50+ components that help you add SSL/TLS/SSH security and many useful ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Compare, synchronize and update databases structure. Database Comparer ActiveX for ASP, VBScript, JavaScript helps you compare one database with another or a database with a DDL/SQL script or even two DDL/SQL scripts. It takes a Target database or Target ... Lire la suite

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    Description : A set of diagramming, scheduling and charting controls for your platform-independent apps. MindFusion.Xamarin Pack includes components that help you add flow diagrams, scheduling and charts to your Xamarin apps. All components support seamless scrolling, ... Lire la suite

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    Description : A virtual keyboard in pure JavaScript for apps that run on touchscreen devices. MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for JavaScript lets your JavaScript application handle screen typing the way a native mobile application does. The look of the keyboard is ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Keyboard functionality for Java Swing software that runs on touchscreen terminals. MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing help make any digital information kiosk, that uses Java Virtual Machine software, as responsive and convenient to use as a hand ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Import, customize and export spreadsheets from your Java applications. MindFusion.Spreadsheet for Java Swing helps you create spreadsheet workbooks with sheets and data tables. The library allows you to quickly create any type of spreadsheet, add a ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Add calendars and scheduling to your Xamarin applications. MindFusion.Scheduling for Xamarin includes native Xamarin components to help implementation scheduling in your Android, iOS or UWP app. Each appointment can have a single or multiple occurrences ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Adds reports to your Silverlight applications. MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight lets you create stunning reports with images, header and footer and data from any .NET data source. It includes a full featured report viewer that lets you change the page ... Lire la suite