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  1. Évaluation des clients : Great support! Ramzi Bensmail 5 Qatar ... Lire la suite

  2. Notes de publication : Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET and JavaScript. Maintenance release. DevExpress has released a maintenance update across their entire product range. DevExtreme - Improves Data Grid, Diagram and File Management controls. DevExpress ASP ... Lire la suite

  3. Notes de publication : Improves Charts, Editors and PivotGrid controls. All WinForms products FilteringUIContext doesn't display the indicator triangle in AccordionControl when its layout changes. HTML - Closed br tag produces incorrect symbols. NullreferenceException is ... Lire la suite

  4. Notes de publication : Improves Editors, Grid and Scheduler controls. DXAccordion for WPF SearchText property doesn't respond to inputs/bindings. AccordionControl displays removed items if its source is updated when AccordionControl is collapsed. DXCharts for WPF An ... Lire la suite

  5. Notes de publication : Improves Diagram, GridView and HtmlEditor controls. All ASP.NET Web Forms products GridView for WebForms - The "Preview Changes" window doesn't contain unmodified fields of rows. The "HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a ... Lire la suite

  6. Notes de publication : Improves Data Grid, Diagram and File Management controls. DevExtreme Core DevExtreme does not attach additional classes to dx-viewport in Chrome 84 on the first load. NumberBox - Pressing the minus key and then "0" changes the value sign. ... Lire la suite

  7. Notes de publication : Improves Web Document Viewer and Web Report Designer. A localized report gets corrupted if labels are converted to a table and then saved using the SaveLayoutToXml method. An API is missing for some End-User Report Designer actions. An image cannot be ... Lire la suite

  8. Notes de publication : Improves PDF, Zip Compression and Spreadsheet APIs. Installation (Microsoft .NET) The DevExpress installer checks for LogifySend.exe file updates even if the "I do not wish to participate..." option was chosen. PDF Document API Parsing - ... Lire la suite

  9. DevExpress Silverlight Archivé

    Marque : DevExpress
    Catégorie principale : Composants de la couche présentation

    Description : All DevExpress Silverlight controls and libraries in one package. DevExpress Silverlight includes among others the following DevExpress Silverlight products: Data Grid for Silverlight (AgDataGrid Suite), Menu-Toolbar for Silverlight (AgBars for ... Lire la suite

  10. DevExtreme Mobile Archivé

    Marque : DevExpress
    Catégorie principale : Composants de la couche présentation

    Description : Create mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript for different screens and platforms. DevExtreme Mobile is a HTML5 JavaScript framework for smartphones and tablets. It contains everything you'll need to create native client applications (with a single ... Lire la suite