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  1. Nouveautés : The most requested new feature from IDM's last user survey, the Ribbon UI is now fully implemented. The new UltraEdit v23 ribbon style UI provides the contemporary look you crave while making UltraEdit's functionality more easily discoverable ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  2. Nouveautés : For those who prefer classic toolbars and menus. No problem. Simply right-click on the ribbon and select "Toolbar/menu mode" to restore the classic look. If you like to run lean, you can still run with menus only. ... Lire la suite

  3. Nouveautés : For the times when you may want your custom Ribbon layout, but just a bit more real estate in your editor, Compact Ribbon mode is available. Simply right click your Ribbon and choose Compact Ribbon Mode, and UltraEdit will optimize your layout for maximum ... Lire la suite

  4. Nouveautés : What's New in Beyond Compare 4.1.3 Fixed Hex Compare truncated comparison results for large files with a difference at the very end. Fixed support for creating multiple OneDrive profiles so it will prompt for login information every time. OS X/Linux: ... Lire la suite

  5. Nouveautés : What's New in Setup Factory Feature: Added SHA-256 code signing support. Feature: Added the ability to dual-sign setups (SHA-256 and SHA-1). Feature: Added a password field for the code signing certificate(s). Feature: Added a few items to ... Lire la suite

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    Nouveautés : What's new in TIFF Image Printer 11.0.004 Fixes: For very large images that do not fit in memory software processes the images in bands. Peernet fixed a one pixel error when banded images are upside down which created a one pixel gap in between the ... Lire la suite

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    Nouveautés : What's New in 5nine Manager v9 for Hyper-V New Bitdefender Engine for AV Scans and Active Protection. Capacity Planning for Granular Resource Optimization. Optimized Storage with Real-Time Capacity Monitoring. Customizable Dashboard for Capacity ... Lire la suite

  8. Nouveautés : What's new in MSI Factory 2.1.1020.0: Feature: Updated the WiX distribution to version 3.5.2519.0. Feature: Added 4 new items to the System.GetOSVersionInfo Luascript action - "Server2003R2", "XPMediaCenterEdition", Lire la suite

  9. Nouveautés : Supports Git, Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial and CVS. ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  10. Nouveautés : SlickEdit now emulates the Perl regular expression engine so you can use almost any valid Perl regular expression. ... Lire la suite

  11. Nouveautés : Traditionally, column selections (or block selections) in SlickEdit have been inclusive. This means at least one column is always selected. SlickEdit 2015 adds Non-Inclusive Column Selections. ... Lire la suite

  12. Nouveautés : What's New in TrueUpdate 3.8 Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 support to TrueUpdate's design environment and supporting files. Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 support to TrueUpdate's runtime and supporting files. Feature: Added ... Lire la suite

  13. Nouveautés : What's New in BarcodeFiler Version Faster processing of multi-page documents. Progress bar display for the current document. Ability to stop the processing of a document part way through. Important note regarding performance: The bar code ... Lire la suite

  14. Nouveautés : What's new in Visual Patch Feature: Added a "(plugin)" suffix in the Action Wizard for action categories that were added by a plugin. Feature: Added SW_HIDE window mode to File.Run, File.RunAs and Shell.Execute actions. Feature: ... Lire la suite