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Applications de développement et d'optimisation de base des données - Meilleures vendus

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    Témoignages de clients : Leveraging Workbench and standardizing a process for new development ensures we are validating our code, saving time troubleshooting repeat bugs, and building confidence that we are delivering quality code to the business. Cameron Hunt, BI Engineer - The ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  2. Témoignages de clients : Our standards are the first line of defense, and an internal audit using Pragmatic Workbench is the second. Ron Van Zanten, SVP of Data Systems - Meta Payment Systems ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : I frequently advise developers using Entity Framework to pay attention to what's happening in the database since much of the database work happens under the covers. But we've never had a good tool for doing that. EF Prof is exactly what we Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : After seeing NHProfiler in action for the first time I was completely blown away. I ran the profiler against a content management system which I was developing and quickly identified a number of queries that could be optimized resulting in a significant ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : Very good!!! This tool saves us hours of headache. Samantha Smith, DBA Team Lead, Vencho Systems ... Lire la suite