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    Description : Connect with SharePoint and AD to control user accessibility. SharePoint AD Administration provides the systems administrator authorization to delegate other managers with limited abilities to create, edit, rename, and/or delete OUs (Organizational Units) ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Sync schedules both ways between Active Directory and SharePoint. SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to synchronize Active Directory information to SharePoint Lists based on profile synchronization. SharePoint users are empowered to ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Solution tout-en-un de gestion des autorisations SharePoint. SharePoint AD Management Pack is a suite of four powerful SharePoint administration enhancements designed to ease the burden of SharePoint administrators. Comprising of Password Change, AD ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Possibilité de modifier, d'importer, de cocher des cases, d'approuver/rejeter et de baliser plusieurs éléments à la fois avec SharePoint. SharePoint Bulk Properties Editor allows end users to batch/bulk edit properties. Additionally, the product ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Un calendrier SharePoint à couleurs. SharePoint Calendar Rollup compiles and organizes multiple calendars from SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar or External Databases into one powerful color-coded calendar. From this ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Enhance your SharePoint lookup experience. SharePoint Cascaded Lookup is a powerful look-up tool that greatly enhances the lookup functionality already native to SharePoint. It quickly cross-references existing data from a list or site within the same ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Permet aux utilisateurs de classer les éléments d'une liste en attribuant une couleur à chaque élément de la liste. SharePoint Choice Indicator allows you to prioritize, organize and monitor task and list items by applying color-coded labels ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Record discussions without creating new versions. SharePoint Discussion Column is a custom column that records user discussions when editing items. The SharePoint discussion thread can be listed in chronological order with discussion contents and user ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Auto set a SharePoint document title. SharePoint Document Auto Title can set a SharePoint document title with its file name automatically when the document is uploaded or modified in a SharePoint Document library. SharePoint Document Auto Title provides a ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Solution de création de documents pour SharePoint. SharePoint Document Maker generates accurate and customized documents including invoices, contracts, reports and proposals. You can reuse data to ensure document accuracy and decrease human error. Easily ... Lire la suite