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  1. Témoignages de clients : Once you learn to use it, you'll never want to code without it. Jeremy Knight, Island Technology Services ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  2. Témoignages de clients : ReSharper from JetBrains is the best thing that ever happened to Visual Studio. Tom A. Puleo, Independent Contractor, ESC Development ... Lire la suite

  3. Témoignages de clients : If you're using it you probably agree and if you aren't you should be. The productivity gains are incredible. Jaco Pretorius, ThoughtWorks ... Lire la suite

  4. Témoignages de clients : EurekaLog is a great tool, that helps to localize the places in the sourcecode where the exceptions happen. Delivering the exact line number and unit, EurekaLog speeds up the process of bug-locating and bug-resolving by a factor of 10. Jürgen Füßl, Senior ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  5. Témoignages de clients : We purchased Eurekalog to find one strange bug in our application. The same day we installed Eurekalog it solved two problems we didn't know about. The error we originally were looking for was also discovered. Brian Andersen, Developer, Dansk ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : It is simply amazing how well I can step through the decompiled source code. It feels like I’m debugging my own code. Adam Driscoll, Quest Software ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  7. Témoignages de clients : Every developer needs this tool. It lets you build better applications, and provides insight into undocumented APIs. Daniel Larson, Software Architect, NewsGator Technologies ... Lire la suite

  8. Témoignages de clients : .NET Reflector is one of the most useful, practical debugging tools that I have ever worked with in .NET! Tom Baker, Consultant Software Engineer, EMC Corporation ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : The product is superb-excellent intellisense, debugging and code snippets. I'm very happy to pay for good quality software. Paul Harding I.T. Director at Jennings Computer Services ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  10. Témoignages de clients : Very great thing. Never had such a great debugging experience with PHP and Visual Studio. God thanks there is PHP tools. Marco Klein, Student ... Lire la suite

  11. Témoignages de clients : Awesome tool! Kendall J. Bennett, CEO, A Main Hobbies ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : Tabs Studio is one of the few 'must have' add ons for VS. Sergey constantly enhances it and has been very responsive. Nick Hustak, Software Developer, Tangent Technologies, Inc. ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  13. Témoignages de clients : I had Tabs Studio installed for 5 minutes, and in that short amount of time, it became the tool I could not live without. Robert McLaws, Software Developer, Interscape Technologies, Inc. ... Lire la suite

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    Témoignages de clients : CodeIt.Right's biggest benefit is the automatic code refactoring Scott Mitchell, MSDN Magazine Toobox ... Lire la suite

  15. Témoignages de clients : I just love the ISESteroids PowerShell ISE add on. Narayanan Lakshmanan, Microsoft PowerShell Team ... Lire la suite

  16. Témoignages de clients : The dotCover tool makes code coverage analysis as simple and fast as it was never before. Thomas Weller, C#/.NET software development ... Lire la suite

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    Marque : DPStudio
    Catégorie principale : Compléments de codage et de débogage

    Témoignages de clients : Highly recommended extension for everyday web dev Dio Phung, from Visual Studio Gallery review ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  18. Témoignages de clients : This is a great tool set and I can strongly recommend the pro version .. seriously, you should try this!! Craig Calibre, from Visual Studio Gallery review ... Lire la suite

  19. Témoignages de clients : I've been using Pro for VS 2010 for a while now and loving it. Very happy to see the author getting new version ready. Gill Crump, from Visual Studio Gallery review ... Lire la suite

  20. 10. Radarc Archivé

    Marque : Icinetic
    Catégorie principale : Compléments d'autre complément

    Témoignages de clients : Radarc enabled us to work with a Domain Driven Design framework and architecture keeping a high level of productivity. Juan Garcia, CTO, IMF ... Lire la suite Affichez plus de résultats de ce produit

  21. Témoignages de clients : Radarc helps you to boost your development speed without compromising quality and best practices. José M. Alarcón, ASP.NET MVP ... Lire la suite