Aiding Component Adoption

Breaking down the barriers to "Buy Before You Build"

As the pioneer of the open market for reusable software components, ComponentSource has led the way in defining marketplace services to remove traditional barriers to component adoption since 1995.

For corporate developers ComponentSource offers services that remove the barriers to adopting software components. There have been various barriers to adoption. The biggest initial obstacles for us to overcome were: a) Immediacy - offering the immediate availability of software components to meet project deadlines; b) Corporate buying behavior; c) Advancing the supply and choice of software components.

ComponentSource has remedied the immediacy issue for corporate developers by offering services such as:

  • Electronic Software Download - This technology was pioneered for our marketplace and community in 1997 to enable corporate developers to evaluate and procure software components immediately 24/7.
  • Component marketplace - Our customers are offered an extensive automated index of over 100 categories of components, advanced search facilities and evaluation information to assist all of their buying decisions. With 1,000's of components - we have the largest selection of reusable components in the world - we add new components each week.

To address corporate buying behavior, services that ComponentSource offers include:

  • Express Credit Accounts - For fast secure online purchasing
  • Online Quotes - An automatic quote-generation system to help purchasing departments in large corporations track orders.
  • Online Receipts - Providing proof of purchase for auditing bodies.
  • CD Backup - To resolve audit issues and to assist customers in countries with limited Internet bandwidth.
  • Online Archive - So that customers are aware of their order history and have access to product upgrades via our coupon system.
  • Upgrade Center - A notification system detailing the latest versions of components available.
  • Source Code Escrow - An insurance policy for application lifecycle management. We offer an annual Source Code Escrow subscription on selected products. Under certain circumstances, for example if a component ISV should cease to trade, the source code can be made available for component maintenance and enhancement.
  • Component Quality Assurance - All components published on the ComponentSource online marketplace are tested for viruses, completeness, installation and de-installation, and most have free evaluation versions. Furthermore, developers evaluating and procuring software components have access to the information they need to be able to reuse an "off-the-shelf" component in their applications. Published components adhere to our Reusable Component Specification.
  • Reviews forums - Quality is in the eye of the beholder, by sharing their experiences end users are able to exchange their experiences of components to promote better informed buying decisions and stimulate component enhancements.
  • Technology specific storefronts - Over 20 technology specific areas of our marketplace so that developer can shop for components by selecting the IDE of their choice.

The demand for component content

Expert-built "off-the-shelf" software components are important to platform and tools vendors as they compete to get their technologies adopted. By easing application development, reusable commercial "off-the-shelf" components can help fuel platform adoption. Equally, tools companies are keen to offer pre-built expertise within their development environments to offer developers a head start in their application development efforts.

A major barrier to component-based development and component reuse has always been the ability to easily find and source the software component assets you need to build a solution.Our content is exposed via XML SOAP APIs, developers within the organization are also able to discover, evaluate and procure reusable software assets on their private marketplace from within the development environment or tool of their choice. ComponentSource has already announced 'plug-in'/direct integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET; Borland JBuilder 6, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Aonix Select Component Factory and ComponentSource Enterprise Reuse Solution. (ComponentSource ERS). These integrations have now transitioned to the latest version of ComponentSource ERS, called SAVE-IT.

Driving Reuse™: Software Reuse Infrastructure Provider

Component Adoption Facts: ComponentSource's customer base of half a million customers is reaping the advantages of "Buy Before You Build" today. International appeal - we speak seven different languages and our customer base spans over 110 countries. Award winning - ComponentSource is a top 20 leader in the new economy. The Innovation 100: The Customer research series by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Information Week recognizes us for the best use of technology for our industry and our customers. See Announcement.