Driving Reuse

ComponentSource is driving reuse globally.

The advantages of software reuse are already proven via our public marketplace, where we bring together hundreds of component ISVs and hundreds of thousands of users. The market reuse principles behind the open market for reusable components in fact offer the best model for software reuse - via a widely proven approach and mechanism to share and reuse pre-built expertise.

Demand for an end-to-end reuse solution combined with ComponentSource's unrivaled experience in making component reuse a reality on its public marketplace has led to the extension if our role to that of a Software Asset Value Provider. First to market with an enterprise-scale reuse solution, the company is able to mirror and adapt its public marketplace to provide an enhanced and proven three-pronged commercial approach to establish the business drivers for reuse of software assets inside of an organization, and a scalable asset rich infrastructure to institutionalize reuse, called SAVE-IT®. The customizable solution may be packaged according to a customer's needs. It differentiates itself in the market on three proven levels comprising: SAVE-IT Process®, SAVE-IT Catalog®, and SAVE-IT Content®.

The SAVE-IT approach: A business within a business

The SAVE-IT solution strengthens the business rationale for reuse, which is unique to ComponentSource's approach. It realizes that establishing effective enterprise-scale software reuse is as much a business challenge as a technical one. To drive down the costs of application development, SAVE-IT is designed to establish asset management within an organization as a business within a business and places a hard dollar value on software assets available internally as well as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. This then justifies the investment in their acquisition and reuse. SAVE-IT strongly differentiates itself in the market as a mature three-pronged approach which institutionalizes and facilitates reuse behavior inside of large and medium-size organizations. It comprises:

SAVE-IT Process - a mature documented process designed to identify and assign value to an organization's assets providing a detailed forecast on potential cost avoidance through asset reuse. At the end of the process the organization is able to run a self-sufficient Asset Management Center.

SAVE-IT Catalog - a mature, technology independent, reuse infrastructure offered as an XML SOAP Web service to help automate the SAVE-IT Process and drive reuse behavior within an organization. SAVE-IT Catalog provides the ComponentSource public marketplace and one or more private marketplaces to the user organization.

SAVE-IT Content - integrated within SAVE-IT Catalog, SAVE-IT Content includes 1,000's of COTS components available on the open market via the ComponentSource public marketplace in over 100 business categories.

SAVE-IT builds upon the success of ComponentSource Enterprise Reuse Solution™ (ComponentSource ERS™) launched in May 2001, which already provides the Web service-based reuse infrastructure for private sector customers such as the Europe Africa and Middle East (EMEA) division of global services giant EDS comprising 13,000 developers, and the backbone technology for the National Software Component Exchange (NSCE), a nationwide initiative for the sharing of knowledge and intellectual property within and across state governments. The NSCE initiative promotes the concept of an online, nationwide private component exchange where tens of thousands of developers in state and local governments are able to share knowledge and intellectual property by reusing software components they have built to reduce development costs and ease the sharing of data across common applications. For example, components developed for child welfare applications could be shared across states promoting the integration of human services.

Driving Reuse Facts:
  • ComponentSource brings together hundreds of component ISVs and hundreds of thousands of users to facilitate reuse on its public marketplace.
  • ComponentSource ERS combines a marketplace based reuse approach and Web services based infrastructure
  • Enterprise-scale reuse amongst thousands of developers: The cross-state National Software Component Exchange (NSCE) and EDS have selected ComponentSource ERS.