Building Component Supply

ComponentSource, The Market Builder.

The most important ongoing challenge for ComponentSource has been to build the supply of software components on the open market, matching the supply with demand in the marketplace. Ultimately, as all the key platform vendors further clarify their Web service strategies, we will drive the availability of software components in the form of paid Web services, which may be accessed over the Internet.

Customer demand today is outstripping supply. To continuously grow component supply, ComponentSource works with the software industry, undertaking various global educational initiatives to identify and encourage new expert component ISVs to make available their expertise.

ComponentSource has removed the barriers of entry onto the open market and is home to the world's largest community of component ISVs. Before ComponentSource's inception in 1995, there was no vehicle to market for component ISVs. Entry onto the open market for individual companies was costly and rarely successful.

By taking away the pain of market entry, we have helped expert component ISVs enter the market; from small companies to global service giants such as IBM & EDS. ComponentSource's efforts have helped grow the supply of 1,000's of software components today, compared to less than 100 commercial-grade software components in 1995.

ComponentSource readies component ISVs for market success with:

  • White papers for all component models - These detail everything a component ISV needs to know to enter the open market including advice on pricing and licensing.
  • International market-building seminars - These identify, educate and entice new component ISVs onto the open market. Furthermore, we regularly speak at trade shows and industry forums. Our flagship course "J2EE 1.3 Specification: Development of Reusable Application Components," for example, is a permanent entry on Sun Microsystems' JavaUniversity and is held at various IT trade venues throughout the year
  • ComponentSource Reusable Component Specification™ (ComponentSource RCS™) - This helps component ISVs understand how to make their offerings reusable by developers who wish to procure their expertise on the open market. ComponentSource RCS also forms the basis of the Rational-led Reusable Asset Specification (RAS)
  • Component Quality Testing - ComponentSource tests components for viruses, completeness, installation and de-installation
  • Regular advice and information once published - We provide analysis on how a component ISV may improve their component offering, with information compiled from customer feedback
  • ComponentSource's business model - helps component ISVs focus on utilizing their expertise to develop the components - we take care of all marketing, global delivery and product fulfillment issues

To facilitate long-term success on the open market we offer:

  • Global Vehicle to Market - With the Internet as the main form of delivery, ComponentSource's customer base spans more than 110 countries and continues to grow
  • Technology specific storefronts - Over 20 technology specific areas of our marketplace so that component ISVs can target specific developer communities by technology preference
  • International Call Center - Our Internet-enabled call center offers sales and technical support in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean and accepts all major currencies.

Aiding Component Adoption

Market Building Facts: ComponentSource, pioneers of the open market for reusable components, has boosted component supply from a mere 100 or so in 1995 to 1,000's of components in over 100 categories today. ComponentSource has broken down the barriers of entry onto the open market - the company is home to the world's largest community of component ISV companies, with over 500 published today