File Viewers

You may need the following viewers in order to open downloaded files.

Evaluation versions of the products are stored in 'self-extracting zip files' - when you 'click' on these items, (identified by the ICON shown on the left), your browser will prompt you to 'Save it to Disk' or 'Open it'.

Save the evaluation to disk, find the file on your PC and 'double-click' on the filename, the self-extracting process will run and store the contents of the 'zip file' in your chosen location. You can then run the 'SETUP.EXE' to install the evaluation.

PowerPointPowerPoint files require the PowerPoint viewer:
Install Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

WordWord files require the Word viewer:
Install Microsoft Word Viewer

AcrobatPDF documents need the Acrobat® Reader from Adobe®:
Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe, Acrobat and the Acrobat Logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc.

HelpProduct Help files should be viewable without additional file viewers.