Magazine Advertising - North America (US)

Appear in co-branded adverts with ComponentSource in selected magazines.

Often it is too expensive to take out adverts in all the magazines you would like to advertise in, so why not partner with ComponentSource and share the costs with other publishers? You can then either afford to reach the readers of magazines you have not been able to reach before or save yourself some money on your existing advertising budget. Alternatively - you can spread your advertising over several magazines instead of just one magazine and reach a larger audience.

ComponentSource has been running marketing campaigns in magazines such as: MSDN Magazine (USA), magazine (Germany), Programmez! magazine (France), Nikkei Software magazine (Japan) and Micro Software magazine (South Korea). See also Magazine Advertising Europe | Magazine Advertising Asia/Pac.

MSDN MagazineMSDN Magazine - The Microsoft Journal for Developers

MSDN Magazine is the developer's guide to Microsoft tools, development environments, and technologies for Windows and the Web. As part of the indispensable MSDN family of developer resources, MSDN Magazine is the publication to read for up-to-the-minute, comprehensive coverage of Microsoft technologies for the desktop, the Internet, and devices on the go. Written by industry experts and edited by Microsoft professionals. This is a developer magazine, read by both programmers, project leaders/managers alike. Published monthly, circulation 65,000.

Effective Nov-2019, MSDN Magazine is no longer published. For more details, please visit the Microsoft News Site.

SD TimesSD Times

SD Times launched in February 2000 and currently has more than 50,000 subscribers in more than 130 countries. BZ Media pioneered the distribution of digital versions of print publications, and SD Times was the first-ever publication to receive a combined digital and print circulation audit from BPA International (Dec. 2001). More companies run display ads in SD Times than in any other software development publication.

Advertising Offer: To appear in a 12 issue advert campaign.
Contact Us: If you wish to appear in our upcoming campaign in SDTimes, email us:

Executive Summary
  • Did you know that the US is our largest country for sales?
  • Reach developers in major US magazines: MSDN Magazine & SD Times
  • Share your advertising costs with other publishers to make your budget go further
  • For the same expenditure as a full page advert in 1 magazine you can reach 2, 3 or 4 separate audiences
  • Select the magazines you wish to target
  • No pain - we do all the advert design and artwork creation for you - then you approve it
  • A managed print advertising service that saves you time & money
  • Currently we are running campaigns for 8 different partners and products in the US