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Provide Critical Context for Truncated Content

Luglio 25, 2024
Tooltips allow users to view the full content of a cell without disrupting the grid layout or requiring them to scroll or resize columns.

In datagrids, tooltips are on-demand informational popups that appear when hovering over a cell. They provide critical context for truncated content, enhancing usability by allowing users to view the full data point without sacrificing grid layout or requiring them to navigate elsewhere. This improves data comprehension and reduces the need for scrolling or resizing columns, leading to a more efficient user experience.

Several jQuery grid controls offer support for tooltips including:

  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) empowers you with customizable tooltips for clear data visualization in your HTML5 grids.
  • Ignite UI jQuery Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) equips your jQuery grids with informative hover popups, enhancing data comprehension.
  • Syncfusion Grid control for JavaScript (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) offers context-rich tooltips for truncated content, improving user experience.
  • jQWidgets Grid offers customizable tooltip functionality, allowing developers to display informative overlays on hover for enhanced data clarity.

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Improve PDF Search Functionality via Metadata

Luglio 25, 2024
.NET PDF components with custom metadata support enhance document search and management through user-defined data embedding.

.NET PDF components that support custom metadata empower developers to embed rich, searchable data within PDF documents. By defining and populating custom metadata fields, organizations can significantly enhance document discoverability and retrieval. This capability is invaluable for applications requiring robust search functionality, enabling users to efficiently find documents based on specific criteria beyond standard properties. Ultimately, this leads to improved document management, streamlined workflows, and increased productivity.

Several .NET PDF viewer components allow you to create custom metadata, including:

  • Document Solutions for PDF by MESCIUS is a feature-rich library for .NET that enables users to define and attach custom metadata to PDFs, enhancing searchability.
  • XFINIUM.PDF CROSS PLATFORM EDITION allows you to create customized metadata, ensuring precise document classification with seamless cross-platform accessibility.
  • Syncfusion Blazor PDF (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) facilitates the addition of custom metadata, streamlining document retrieval and boosting productivity.

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Connect ODBC to Excel, Smartsheet and Zoho Billing

Luglio 25, 2024
The new ODBC Drivers from Devart let you seamlessly connect to Microsoft Excel, plus Smartsheet and Zoho Billing cloud services.

Devart's ODBC Drivers provide high-performance connectivity to various databases and cloud services. They ensure broad compatibility with existing tools, offer advanced features like stored procedures and secure data encryption, and optimize data processing efficiency. This empowers developers to seamlessly work with live data across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments without requiring additional software installations or vendor libraries, streamlining data access and integration.

Devart expands its ODBC Driver suite with seamless connectivity to Microsoft Excel, and the Smartsheet and Zoho Billing Cloud services. Now you can effortlessly integrate these valuable data sources into any ODBC-compliant application or programming language, streamlining data access and analysis for maximized efficiency.

The ODBC Drivers are licensed per developer and is available as an Annual or Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our ODBC Driver licensing pages for Microsoft Excel, Smartsheet, and Zoho Billing.

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Progetta visivamente le interfacce utente

Luglio 24, 2024
Gli editor visivi IDE facilitano lo sviluppo di software efficienti, accurati e facili da usare, colmando il divario tra progettazione e implementazione.

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Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) with visual editing allow developers to manipulate and arrange graphical elements and code components using a user-friendly, often drag-and-drop, interface. This capability enhances the development process by providing real-time visual feedback, reducing the need to manually write extensive code for UI layouts and other visual elements. The benefits include increased efficiency, as developers can quickly iterate and refine designs, improved accuracy through immediate visual validation of changes, and a more intuitive development experience that bridges the gap between design and implementation, ultimately leading to faster project completion and higher quality software products.

Several IDEs offer visual editing including:

  • IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains, lets you visually edit layouts and UI elements, enhancing productivity with its intuitive design tools and real-time feedback.
  • Delphi Professional by Embarcadero, allows you to create and adjust graphical interfaces seamlessly, streamlining the development of visually rich applications efficiently.
  • EiffelStudio by Eiffel Software provides a robust environment for visual editing, allowing developers to design and adjust UIs with precision and immediate visual confirmation.
  • B4i (iOS) by Anywhere Software, facilitates the visual design of iOS applications, enabling swift and accurate manipulation of UI components for rapid development.

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Migliora la modifica del testo con flessibilità ed efficienza

Luglio 24, 2024
Le caselle di testo forniscono agli utenti un modo chiaro e conciso per inserire e modificare il testo, facilitando l'immissione dei dati per attività come la compilazione di moduli e la ricerca di informazioni.

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Text box components, also known as text fields, are essential elements allowing users to input and edit text within a user interface. They play a crucial role in forms and dialogs by facilitating data entry, improving user experience through clear labeling and validation, and ultimately enabling users to interact and provide information to the system.

Several Blazor data editor collections offer text box components including:

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