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WebScheduler 3 released

Latest update features improved timeline view, smart client paging and XHTML support.
Dicembre 21, 2009 - 17:02
Nuova Funzionalità

WebScheduler allows you to add advanced calendar, schedule and plannner functionality to your ASP.NET applications. WebScheduler 3 includes ViewPort paging technology, a smart rendering engine that automatically detects the available viewport and renders the events to fit. This feature significantly improves page load speeds, improving the overall user experience, particularly on thin clients. Other features include flexible time interval, visible hours, disabled time configuration, new visual themes, and more. You can create a fully functional Scheduling application similar to Microsoft Outlook 2007 with a simple drag-drop and having several properties set. WebScheduler includes natural integration between calendar and scheduler view which automatically synchronize as you navigate on. WebScheduler also includes six built-in Scheduler Views - from Day, Week to Year. WebScheduler supports literally any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Gecko based, etc.) and both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Please, note that WebScheduler requires ISDataSource.NET to function, a free license of ISDataSource.NET is included.

Updates in WebScheduler 3

  • Improved Performance
    WebScheduler 3 is able to display large datasets without significant performance loss. Key performance improvements include: TimelineView Improvement, data rendering, data transfer, script modularization, and server paging.
  • Smart Client Paging
    WebScheduler 3 scales with its sophisticated client paging feature to significantly improve overall application response time. The innovative client paging feature even works in Day, Week, Month, Timeline, and Split views.
  • Improved Timeline View
    TimelineView is an new feature that displays events in a Gantt-style interface with six level drill-down. Listing Resources in rows and time in columns, this feature is especially useful for building Enterprise Resources Planning applications that require advanced planning and projection capabilities. WebScheduler 3’s improved Timeline features real-time editing, direct data exporting, drillable down to six levels, quarter mode, date header options, zoom in contextual menus and more.
  • JSON server-side response format
    WebScheduler 3 incorporates JSON technology to reduce the amount of data being transferred on each AJAX callback, making the data transfer faster and more efficient. The overall performance is improved by 50% – 70%
  • Time interval
    WebScheduler 3 supports multiple time interval views to satisfy every user. All related events, actions, and UI elements smartly adjust to fit into the time settings. Cycle from 10-minutes to 60-minutes time interval to for a granular view of events, or dial back for the big picture. Time interval is view dependent. This means you can easily set different time interval for each view. Users also have the privilege of changing the interval in runtime through the built-in contextual menu.
  • Visible hours
    Visible Hour eliminates long scrolls on refresh by letting you determine the start and end time of the visible hour region. Event rendering adjusts according to your settings.
  • Disabled time
    Disabled time is a unique feature that lets you block event creation during certain time periods without any complicated code. When the disabled time is specified, a user will not be able to add a new, or edit an existing event, within the disabled time period. There are three disabled time options in WebScheduler 3: global disabled time, resource disabled time, and partial disabled time.
  • XHTML Support
    With comprehensive W3C XHTML support, WebScheduler offers precise rendering capabilities for your most challenging application requirements. WebScheduler’s smart detection engine automatically tracks the document type and applies the necessary adjustments to all user interface elements without lifting a finger.
  • New Visual Themes
    Two new themes are included in WebScheduler 3, adding its visual styles library. The Windows 7 style lets you dress your scheduling application in a modern glassy black appearance. In just one property set, all UI/X elements are transformed, adjusted according to the selected styles. WebScheduler 3 also comes with a new feature for customizing the overall presentation of the editing form.  With three styles to select from, WebScheduler gives you the freedom to choose the one that suits your application best.
  • Time-saving Database Wizard
    WebScheduler 3 introduces WebScheduler Database Wizard, an automatic database creation tool. Simply specify the SQL Server and database names, and the wizard automatically generates the database and its whole structure. Then bind the newly created data to a WebScheduler instance. Completely eliminate database creation issues from your development checklist.

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