ActivePDF Toolkit 2016 R2.1

Microsoft Windows 10 ora è supportato per le installazioni desktop.
Gennaio 09, 2017 - 11:29
Nuova versione


  • Microsoft Windows 10 is now supported for desktop installations.
  • The StitchPDF method is improved significantly. Files now typically process 60% faster when compared to the StitchPDF process time of earlier releases.


  • When StitchPDF was called with the height and width values set to 0, the output PDF did not use the input height and width as expected.
  • When calling MergeFile while using initial view settings configured using properties from the InitialViewInfo object, the output PDF did not use the initial view settings.
  • When the input file contains initial view objects, the 2016 R.2 implementation of CopyForm behaves differently than the 2011 version.
  • Issues related to checkbox display after flattening the file were resolved.
  • When using Toolkit 2016 R.2, if bookmarks were included in the output file, the initial view did not display the bookmark panel by default. Earlier versions of Toolkit did display the bookmark panel by default.
  • After merging files, there were issues with bookmarks in the output file.
PDF Processing Library

ActivePDF Toolkit

SDK, sviluppatore PDF multiuso con raccolta PDF completa per la modifica dei file PDF.

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