SlickEdit per HPUX 2016 (Build v21.0.1)

Aggiunge migliorie al codice e supporto linguaggio Groovy, nuovo trova & sostituisci mini, oltre a miglioramenti delle prestazioni.  
Gennaio 30, 2017 - 16:40
Nuova versione


Language Support

  • New Groovy support
    • Color Coding
    • Symbol Coloring
    • Smart editing features
    • Context Tagging
    • Project wizard for creating gradle project
    • Single file project support
    • Debugging
    • Beautifier
  • Swift
    • Project support
    • Debugging
  • C++
    • Color coding for C++ raw strings
    • Support for C++11 reference syntax
    • Support for C++11 and function overload syntax
    • >Add option to dynamically transform '.' to '->' for pointer types in C++.
    • >Improve handling of local variables with parenthesized initializers that look like function prototypes in C++.
  • Verilog and System Verilog
    • Preprocessing configuration for `define macros
    • Inline parsing of quoted `include files


  • Added support for CTags tag files for SlickEdit Standard edition.
  • Added new command 'edit-associated-symbol' (Alt+Backtick) to quickly jump between the current function and it's prototype and other overloaded versions.
  • Improved design and performance for local variable tagging.


  • Spell checking while typing.

Project Support

  • New option to track active project history along with workspace history to make it easier to switch between the most frequently used projects within the workspace.
  • New option to display file, project, and window history more compactly.
  • New option to display file paths relative to the current project in the Project and Open tool windows.


  • Choose resync points and re-diff files. Use "Align width..." menu item in context menu and choose line to resync with in the other file.
  • Re-diff files after making edits. Use "Re-diff" button.
  • Added option for Unicode Diff font. Previously only one Diff font could be for configured for both Unicode and SBCS/DBCS files.
  • Added Diff Current Symbol With Most Current Version.


  • Added support for Debug executable for Java.
  • Cleaned up Debug > Attach submenu for easier navigation.
  • Added support for using the LLDB debugger on MacOS and 64-bit Linux (a couple fixes/changes still left to be done).
  • Debug executable command, and Debug with arguments now supports Java.

New Mini Find and Replace dialog

  • By default, the find and replace commands display a new mini Find and Replace dialog which does incremental searching and match highlighting.
  • Provides many of the features of the Find and Replace tool window including matching color coding.
  • If you prefer the large Find and Replace tool window, you can configure the find/replace commands to display the Find and Replace tool window instead.
  • Press the binding for gui-find or gui-replace a second time to display the Find and Replace tool window. For example, pressing Ctrl+F displays the mini Find/Replace dialog. Pressing Ctrl+F again to display the Find and Replace tool window.

Find and Replace

  • Multi-file search/replace up to 15x faster. Best speed seen on SSDs with CPU's good at multi-threading.
  • Added "Auto escape regular expression" option which will add escapes if the find dialog is initialized with a selection or the current word when regular expressions is on.

Open Tool window

  • (Different than previous versions) By default, *.ext (i.e. *.cpp;*.h ) does current directory exact matching of files. Added match style option (current directory contains, current directory exact, recursive contains, recursive exact).
  • (Different than previous versions) By default, other wildcard (i.e. file*.cpp ) does recursive exact matching of files. Added match style option (current directory prefix, current directory contains, current directory exact, recursive prefix, recursive contains, recursive exact).
  • By default, non-wildcard does recursive contains matching of files. Added match style option (current directory prefix, current directory contains, current directory exact, recursive prefix, recursive contains, recursive exact).
  • (Different than previous versions) By default, <Tab> key in File name moves focus to next control. Added option for this so you can configure this to complete the filename like previous versions.
  • Added "Show all folders in directory panel" option. By default, this is off and the directory panel closes folders when the current directory chages.

Files Tool window,workspace/project tabs

  • (Different than previous versions) By default, *.ext (i.e. *.cpp;*.h ) does recursive exact matching of files. Added match style option (recursive contains, recursive exact).
  • (Different than previous versions) By default, other wildcard (i.e. file*.cpp ) does recursive exact matching of files. Added match style option (recursive prefix, recursive contains, recursive exact).
  • By default, non-wildcard does recursive contains matching of files. Added match style option (recursive prefix, recursive contains, recursive exact).

New Configuration System

  • Almost all configuration settings are now stored in "user.cfg.xml" (key bindings, fonts, colors, color coding, symbol coloring, language settings, user spelling dictionaries, printing profiles, and more). Recorded macros, macros, GUI resource (menus/toolbars/dialog), project templates, template manager code templates, preprocessing, compiler config (compilers.xml), and annotations, are not stored in "user.cfg.xml".
  • Simply copy your user.cfg.xml from one machine to another to get almost all your configuration changes.
  • Only your changes are stored in "user.cfg.xml". For example, if you change one color in the "Default" color scheme, only one XML line for the new settings for that color field is stored and not all color fields for the entire scheme. This means you can very easily know what settings you've changed. Also, when you update to a newer version of SlickEdit, you automatically get settings that you haven't modified.
  • Properties in "user.cfg.xml" support a "configs" attribute which lets you specify a platform. Some properties like fonts, paths, and filenames have a "configs" attribute by default so that you can have specialized settings per platform ("win", "mac", "unix"). This was done because fonts, paths, and filenames are often not the same between platforms. The GUI does not have the ability to add a "configs" attribute but it will maintain/manage it if you add one.

Version Control

  • Git Repository Browser. Shows each commit in the Git repository, including showing branches.
  • Find Symbol Changes in file now searches the current working file.


  • Support for .editorconfig files. Supports indent_style, indent_size, tab_width, end_of_line, and trim_trailing_whitespace. Color coding added for .editorconfig files.
  • Move mouse over hex or decimal integer to view conversions (hex, dec, octal, binary, unicode) and optional copy conversion to clipboard by clicking button.
  • Calculator dialog improved to display results in two bases as you type.
  • "Extensionless file manager" renamed to "Advanced File Mappings" because it now allows you to map files with extensions too. For example, you can configure *.s files in a particualr directory to be mapped to a specific assembly language type.
  • Enhancements for undo and redo. If the last modification operation was an undo or redo, cursor movement is not recorded. This means you can scroll around the file without messing up your next undo or redo step.
  • Added delete_search command. Non-GUI command for remove lines which contain a search string.
  • Added keep_search command. Non-GUI command for remove lines which do not contain a search string.
  • Added support for key bindings using Windows shift key combinations for Ubuntu.
  • Speed of searching in options dialog greatly improved.
  • Added ability to collapse navigation panel of options dialog to save space.
  • New regex replace syntax for choosing replace text based on tagged expressions found (switch statement-like syntax).
  • Added "Restore Default Options..." button to Export/Import Options in Options dialog.


  • Find and Replace
    • Fix for incorrect replace count message when use command line ""c"" or ""replace"" command.
  • Version Control
    • History Diff for Git had been prone to occasional parsing errors. This is resolved now.
  • Tagging
    • Fix for Context Tagging performance regression with STL.
    • Fix Windows-specific bug where auto-complete would delete the prefix expression if it was a "identifier::" class name or namespace qualification expression.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when rebuilding a tag file from the Tag Files dialog.
    • Fixes to improve handling of Context Tagging for Boost iterators.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when starting Quick Refactoring from the Defs tool window.
    • Fix for bug where Quick Rename could not find a local variable to rename it.
    • Fix bug that caused crash when reading a corrupt tag file.
    • C++ implementation of Assembly langauge tagging (faster, thread-safe)
    • Fix problem that prevented Assembly language embedded in C/C++ from being color coded or tagged
    • Fix problem with Verilog and SystemVerilog `include file parsing
    • Fix hang in SQL parser handling complex outer join expressions
  • DIFFzilla
    • Fix source diff not working quite right for certain token situations.
  • Debugging
    • Fix for "Debug>Start with arguments..." menu item for Python, Perl, and Ruby debuggers. It wasn't passing the arguments or setting the working directory.
  • General
    • Fix for the delete bookmark button in the Bookmarks tool window deleting the wrong bookmark.
    • Fix for double click in the Bookmarks tool window navigating to the correct book mark but leaving the wrong bookmark selected.
    • Improved Ruby color coding. Added support for =begin/=end. Improved support for / regex detection. Improved support for here documents.
    • Fix Verilog and SystemVerilog `include file parsing options which were transposed.
    • Fix for "vs -?" not working on windows because SlickEdit is installed in a directory with spaces.
    • Fix for Auto Unicode 2 (+fautounicode2) option incorrectly detection some files with an odd number of bytes as Utf-16 no signature encoding.
    • When importing file path properties, don't display an error if the path part is blank. This means the user never configured this property.
    • Fix bug that would give an error if you diffed buffers that did not exist on disk. There were also problems with FTP buffers.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when you click Save As in Backup History or History Diff.
    • Fix problem where when comparing a file to version control the might not be color coded properly.
    • Allow search history entries to be deleted from search/replace dropdowns in Mini-find.
    • Fix for Open tool window not openning a file specifying a buffer that is modified.
    • Fix for Open tool window supporting "Sync current directory" when set to OFF.
    • Fix for Open tool window changing directory to UNC path which is missing trailing backslash
    • Fix for Makefile color coding of #. Needed to remove # as operator keyword.
    • Fix for Brief next word working in Utf-8 files.
    • Fix for read_only_mode_toggle command clearing the selection.
    • Fix for delete_lines command not working correctly for a selection.
    • Fix for copy_lines_up command leaving text selected when the current line wasn't selected.
    • Fix for copy_lines_up and copy_lines_down command copying the last line when it should not.
    • Fix for math message sometimes being cleared by copying the result to the clipboard
    • Fix for file not found issue when trying to open a file using the Project or Workspace Tab of the Files tool window.
    • Fix for using gui-cd/cd commands to change directory when def_switchbuf_cd=1
    • Fix for problem where unsurround would not work correctly for blocks that had a line comment after the closing '}'.
    • When the Syntax Indent text box is disabled, the spinner control needs to be dsiabled too.
    • Fix for issue where first time Color dialog is displayed, the controls overlap.
    • Fix Slick-C Stack when preview tool window gets activated errantly during restore.
    • Fix Slick-C Stack refreshing Symbol Properties window when it is docked.
    • Fix bug in edit-associated-symbol dealing with symbols in namespaces.
    • Fix that makes the javadoc editor more tolerant of javadoc comments that have a few lines indented further than the rest of the comment. Fix problem with Javadoc editor, here it could remove significant newlines from the body of the comment.
    • Fix for intermittent stack when pressing the Ok button in the beautifier profile editor.
    • Fix for soft wrap not placing display font and cursor position correctly.
    • Aliases with upper case letters wouldn't expand for case insensitive languages.
    • Fix problem where Help > About would report hot fixes that were not actually loaded.
  • Not all fixes have been listed.
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