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liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle updated

Aprile 18, 2012 - 12:05
Rilascio di patch
liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle updated
Record video with liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle.

liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle lets you record, convert and extract videos. It's easy to use and includes various recording modes (Custom Size, Window Frame, Full Screen and Program). It has a built-in Audio Setting Wizard which automatically detects and configures the sound card on your computer so you won't need to configure anything for microphone recording or external audio device recording.

Updates in V3.8

  • Improved compatibility with DirectX ENB
  • Fixed issue capturing certain games (DiRT3)
  • Fixed capture module's memory issue
  • Improved DirectX10/11 capture modules

About innoheim

innoheim, established in Canada in 2007, is a software developer and publisher which supplies innovative screen recording software.