CAD .NET enables developing CAD applications in .NET environments. Its main features include creating, importing and exporting of drawings, their visualization and printing. The library supports AutoCAD DWG, DXF, CGM, PLT, PDF, JPG, WMF, etc. Also, a developer can get access to drawing data, the structure of which is presented in accordance with the format specification, and access to additional entity data. This considerably simplifies working with drawings.

CAD .NET saved us at least a month in development, I'm very happy I used it.

Tyler Mitchell, Mallon Technology

CAD .NET is a component that allows specialists to develop in .NET environment (C#, VB.NET, J#) applications to work with CAD files. Its main features include:

  • Import of CAD formats, raster images and metafiles;
  • Creation of new drawings from scratch;
  • Access to drawing data structure;
  • Adding/editing drawing data programmatically;
  • Adding/editing drawing data visually;
  • Visualization and print;
  • Controls for CAD drawings;
  • Export to raster formats and metafiles;
  • Export to G-code;
  • Export to CAD formats...

Ultime Notizie

CAD .NET 14.1
CAD .NET 14.1
Migliora il supporto dei file CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile).
Aggiunge il supporto del formato GDSII e migliora il supporto dei formati AutoCAD DWG/DXF 2018.
CAD .NET v12.2
CAD .NET v12.2
Aggiunge il supporto dati esteso, oltre a migliorare il supporto per i file Big Font SHX.
CAD .NET v12.1
CAD .NET v12.1
Aggiunge i nuovi strumenti visivi Explode, Join e Trim.
CAD .NET v12
CAD .NET v12
Migliora la velocità di visualizzazione GDI+ e in più consente l'importazione di AutoCAD DWG 2018.
CAD .NET 11.2
CAD .NET 11.2
Aggiunge esportazione a G-code e migliora la visualizzazione.

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One software license is required per developer. You will need to choose the correct developer license based on the number of developers and your expected number of end users. Developer License...

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