Rilasci di GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition

Released: Jan 6, 2023

Aggiornamenti in 6.0.2


  • The marker size, data label and series line color chart are incorrect in the exported PDF file.
  • Some row heights are incorrect after processing template.
  • The linked cell text color becomes white after loading the SSJSON file then exporting to SSJSON file.

Released: Dec 23, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 6.0.1


  • Performance issue when using table bindings with 500,000 rows data.
  • The exported Excel file is corrupted after processing template.
  • The data validation lost after loading the SSJSON file when the applied range is whole column.
  • Exception is thrown on exporting PDF file when using data binding.
  • PageSetup.Zoom does not take effect on barcode in the exported PDF file.
  • "Swiss 721 BT" font is not shown correctly in the exported PDF file.
  • Print titles settings are lost in the generated...

Released: Dec 12, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 6.0.0


  • Added JavaScript-based, client-side viewer that can load and preview data-related documents like XLSX, CSV, and SpreadJS .json files.
  • Added support for new Lambda function including help functions.
  • Improved Paginated Spreadsheet reports.
  • Added new text and array manipulation Microsoft Excel functions.
  • Added support for 'RowColumnStates' in JSON I/O.
  • You can now add shape text with range reference or defined name.
  • You can now add shape/picture to cell/cell range using direct method...

Released: Aug 15, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.2.0


  • Added new API to add Microsoft Excel Form Controls.
  • Added support for CASCADESPARKLINE formula.
  • Added the ability to define Paginated Templates in spreadsheets (with GcExcel Templates).
  • Added support for Chart Data Table.
  • Added support for LET function.
  • GetPivotData Formula now supports spilled data.
  • Added the ability to add Calculated Item in Pivot Table.
  • Added the ability to get accurate range boundary.
  • Added the ability to use JSON as DataSource in data binding.
  • Added IsVolatile...

Released: Jul 26, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.5


  • The performance of opening particular Excel file need to be optimized.
  • It takes a long time to execute calculating when workbook contains AverageIf formula.
  • The calculation result of MIDB formula is incorrect in CJK culture.
  • The IMPOWER formula result is incorrect.
  • Exception is thrown on calling Workbook.ToJson() method when workbook contains external reference.
  • Exception is thrown on loading particular SSJSON.
  • The calculation result of SUMIFS formula is inconsistent with Excel...

Released: Jul 7, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.4


  • The rowheight is incorrect after copying worksheet.
  • The result of SEARCHB func is different from Excel in Chinese culture.
  • The result of autoFit is bad in the exported PDF file.
  • Some borders are missing in the exported image after loading particular JSON file.
  • Exception is thrown on drawing Pivot Table to PDF file.
  • The texts in the merged cell near the page boundary are not output to PDF file.
  • ArgumentException is thrown on saving Excel file when workbook contains some special...

Released: Jun 16, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.3


  • The color of cell font is incorrect in exported JSON file.
  • Platform dependent characters are incorrect in the exported PDF file.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on exporting PDF file.
  • The performance of inserting lots of pictures is bad.
  • The value of formula N is incorrect.
  • The exported XLSM file is corrupted after deleting some sheet which contains external reference.
  • Setting IWorksheetView.ScrollColumn/ScrollRow properties on a worksheet which has freeze pane corrupts the saved...

Released: May 31, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.2


  • The chart in the exported ssjson file is different from the ssjson exported by SpreadJS.
  • Data binding does not support multi-layer level.
  • The exported XLSX file is corrupted when copying range from one sheet to another.
  • [Template Language]The generated XLSX file is corrupted when template file has multiple sheets.
  • Some cell values are #REF! after using data binding.
  • The size of exported chart image is smaller than the original chart in MS Excel.
  • The exported XLSX file is corrupted...

Released: May 9, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.1


  • [Template language]The layout is incorrect when rendering list of data with dynamic object in both right and down direction.
  • When shapes with text are exported to the PDF file, shapes are not the same as Excel file.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException or NullReferenceException is thrown on using GcExcel API in multi-threaded environment when there's TEXT function in workbook.
  • The picture's position is incorrect in the exporting PDF file when some column is hidden.
  • Some borders are lost in the...

Released: Apr 22, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 5.1.0


  • [Pivot Table] Added the ability to specify 'ShowValuesAs' Option for 'Values' Field.
  • Added Numbers Fit Mode of overflow/mask.
  • Added the ability to modify passwords of Microsoft Excel Documents.
  • [Pivot Table] Added support for Calculated Field.
  • Added support for JSON data source for template language.
  • Added support for "Show #N/A as an empty cell" in Chart.
  • Added the ability to convert Table to Range.
  • Added support for CELL function.
  • Added a CSV Custom Parser.
  • Added support for Pivot...