Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.2.0 - 1 Floating User License - Includes 12 months maintenance (free updates and support)


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Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.2.0

Includes 12 months maintenance (free updates and support)

1 Floating User License


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  • Help and Manual Translation Assistant
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A Floating User License of the Software may be run from different devices and by different users. Multiple running instances of the Software on the same device under the same user account do not require an additional license slot. The Software may be installed within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system so long as the use of the Software meets the terms of the license type and these virtual machines are run on hardware owned or leased by Licensee. Floating User Licenses are the only license types that can recognize virtual instances. Virtualization technology may not be used to circumvent other licensing terms and restrictions.

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