A proposito di jSparrow

Refactoring Java automatico

jSparrow is a powerful tool for automatic Java source code refactoring. It is suitable for single developers and for teams of all sizes. It can be applied to simple projects up to complex Java programs with millions of lines of code. It applies coding conventions and enhances readability of Java code automatically within minutes even for big projects.

jSparrow automatically finds and replaces different kinds of threats in Java software systems. It offers a set of powerful rules where you can choose which rules shall be applied.

The first step is to select the sources / projects on which jSparrow shall be applied. The second step is to decide which rules shall be deployed. jSparrow offers a powerful preview function which shows the changes in advance. If you have applied jSparrow, you get a report with all changes accomplished.

With jSparrow you can create profiles to bundle different sets of rules.* By using profiles in a team or in the whole development department you can set company standards and make sure the coding conventions are consistent.

jSparrow automates things like:

  • taking care of formatting and minimizing code smells.
  • transforming old language constructs to new language constructs.
  • using more efficient constructs thus improving performance.

jSparrow is available as Eclipse plugin and can be integrated in the build process with the Maven plugin.
* preview function and list of findings only available with the Eclipse plugin.