Novità in OfficeHTMLFilter

What's New in OfficeHTMLFilter

New Features and Enhancements of OfficeHTMLFilter V1.1

  • Added COM interface.
    In response to users' demands, a COM interface is now available. Along with other existing interfaces such as c, .NET and Java, designed to make it easy to integrate OfficeHTMLFilter V1.1 into your applications.
  • Supported conversion of more image files.
    In the Windows version, the image conversion function which converts WMF/EMF in Word/Excel/PowerPoint file into PNG has been added so that the browser can display more image files.
  • Added character encoding, GB18030.
    Character encoding, GB18030, has been added to enable world wide use of the created HTML.
  • Added new conversion options.
    To respond users' various needs as much as possible, the conversion options have been added.
  • Easy sample command line "Office2HTML" is available.
    You can use command line "Office2HTML" independently without integrating with your application to convert your document into HTML.