SlickEdit adds History Diff

Released: Jul 1, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in 2013

  • Multiple Document Group Interface - Document tabs can be floated as separate top-level windows, allowing for better use with multiple monitors.
  • Repository Log Browser - Displays a summary of the repository's comment log history.
  • History Diff - Quickly see side-by-side historical revision differences.
  • Support for Large Files - Read and save files greater than 2GB.
  • Beautifiers - New options have been added to better support beautification of Java, C# and doc comments.
  • New Languages - Support has been added for Matlab, CoffeeScript, Markdown and Google Go.
  • Android NDK Projects - SlickEdit now supports developing Android application that use the NDK development kit, including NDK debugging.
  • Reload with Encoding - Quickly reload an open file with a new encoding.