Componenti .NET

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    Descrizione: Develop powerful document editing applications. LEADTOOLS Edit SDK combines LEADTOOLS Document SDK and the new LEADTOOLS Document Editor. The LEADTOOLS Document Editor is a zero-footprint document-editing solution for HTML5/JavaScript front ends, front ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Generate, read, write or manipulate spreadsheets within Python applications. Aspose.Cells for Python via.NET is a fast and reliable API for spreadsheet processing tasks. Developers can create simple or complex spreadsheets, manipulate as well as extract ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Send, receive and manage mail using popular cloud services. Cloud Mail simplifies sending, receiving and managing mail using popular cloud services including Amazon SES, Microsoft 365 (Outlook Mail), and Gmail. Modern authentication and security options ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: .NET MAUI controls for building cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML. Syncfusion Essential Studio for.NET MAUI is a comprehensive collection of.NET MAUI components for building modern Mobile and Desktop applications. You can build more ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Create, edit or convert documents, presentations, emails, 3D and CAD files using Python. Aspose.Total for Python via.NET provides document automation libraries for Python that helps in creating apps with the ability to create, edit or convert DOC, DOCX, ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Build robust business applications using modern UI controls for ASP.NET. Sencha Ext.NET is an advanced ASP.NET Core component framework that incorporates the powerful cross-browser Sencha Ext JS library. Achieve enterprise-grade performance and ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: 50+.NET MAUI UI controls to build cross-platform apps. Telerik UI for.NET MAUI is an extensive UI suite that delivers controls for building modern and professional-looking mobile and desktop applications for cross-platform implementation targeting Android ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Build end-to-end forms recognition and processing applications. The LEADTOOLS Forms SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end forms recognition and processing applications. This is a new toolkit specifically for ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Securely manage keys and secrets with popular cloud-based key management services. Cloud Keys makes it easy to integrate cloud-based key and secret management with any supported platform or development technology. The easy-to-use components can be used to ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Enable your application to read and write PowerPoint documents in Python without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for Python via.NET is a powerful class library for working with or processing presentations. Using this product, applications ... Per saperne di più