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    Descrizione: Perform image compression, decompression, and file conversion with support for over 30 popular image file formats. The ImagXpress ActiveX SDK lets you quickly add imaging functions to your Windows application. You can quickly develop applications that ... Per saperne di più

  2. 2. PDFXpress ActiveX Acquista

    Marca: Accusoft
    Categoria principale: Componenti PDF
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    Descrizione: Build applications to create and view PDF files. PDFXpress Professional expands on the features delivered within the original Reader edition. It delivers both read and write support. PDFXpress Reader is offered for those requiring only PDF viewing ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Integrate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications. Barcode Xpress supports 1D codes like Code 39 and 128, UPC, EAN, and 4-state postal codes, plus 2D barcodes including DataMatrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec, and more. It is designed for ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: A Powerful C and C++ Image Processing SDK. ImageGear for C and C++ allows you to quickly integrate document handling functions including image conversion, metadata handling, creation, editing, annotations, and viewing to your applications. These functions ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Bitonal image enhancement toolkit. ScanFix Xpress ActiveX software development toolkit, offers bitonal document image enhancement technology. Create smaller file sizes and cleaner images, ultimately resulting in higher OCR rates. Clean up images using ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Speed-optimized document and photo imaging SDK. The ImagXpress ActiveX SDK lets you quickly add imaging functions to your Windows application. You can quickly develop applications that require complex imaging tasks for document imaging, photo processing, ... Per saperne di più

  7. Descrizione: Add robust barcode reading to your applications. Barcode Xpress allows you to create applications to read 1D (linear) and 2D barcodes. It provides many preprocessing functions that let you manipulate and clean up your image prior to barcode analysis ... Per saperne di più

  8. 8. CapturePRO Archiviata

    Marca: Accusoft
    Categoria principale: Componenti audio Visual

    Descrizione: Perform robust capturing of digital images and video. CapturePRO interfaces with any video capture device that supports USB, FireWire, WDM, or native DirectShow including digital video and legacy Video For Windows devices. CapturePRO contains managed .NET ... Per saperne di più

  9. Descrizione: Add professional photo imaging toolkit to your application. ImagXpress Photo is ideal for the development of photo management software, online photo services, kiosk applications, and more. It delivers vendor-specific Camera RAW and Pegasus Imaging's ... Per saperne di più

  10. Descrizione: Add high speed image viewing and printing to your desktop, intranet, or web application. ImagXpress View is ideal for applications requiring only image viewing and printing features, when saving images is not required. ImagXpress View delivers Pegasus ... Per saperne di più