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  1. 1. PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Acquista

    Marca: PDFlib
    Categoria principale: Componenti PDF
    $$ | Compra

    Descrizione: Extract text and metadata from PDF documents. PDFlib TET PDF IFilter extracts text and metadata from PDF documents and makes it available to search and retrieval software on Windows. This allows PDF documents to be searched on the local desktop, a ... Per saperne di più

  2. 2. AgRichEdit Suite Archiviata

    Marca: DevExpress
    Categoria principale: Componenti di elaborazione testi

    Descrizione: Add Rich Text Editing to your Silverlight Applications. DevExpress AgRichEdit Suite allows you to introduce Microsoft Word like text editing features into your next Silverlight application with ease. AgRichEdit Suite provides advanced text formatting ... Per saperne di più

  3. 3. ASPxGridView i

    Marca: DevExpress
    Categoria principale: Componenti griglia

    Descrizione: Add Outlook style grids to your ASP.NET applications. With patent-pending server side data processing, the high performance DevExpress ASP.NET Data Grid is a powerful editing and data shaping component allowing end-users to easily manage information and ... Per saperne di più

  4. 4. DevExpress Silverlight Archiviata

    Marca: DevExpress

    Descrizione: All DevExpress Silverlight controls and libraries in one package. DevExpress Silverlight includes among others the following DevExpress Silverlight products: Data Grid for Silverlight (AgDataGrid Suite), Menu-Toolbar for Silverlight (AgBars for ... Per saperne di più