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    Descrizione: Build professional database front ends with this collection powerful components. ActiveX Component Suite is a collection of COM components featuring a variety of functionality including: Data Explorer - for creating Explorer-like file and folder data ... Per saperne di più

  2. 2. JSuite Archiviata

    Marca: Infragistics
    Categoria principale: Componenti grafico

    Descrizione: Add grid, schedule, chart, explorer, gantt, tree, UI, editing and server side class charting functionality to your Java applications and browser-based applets. Infragistics JSuite (AWT, JFC and JavaBeans) provides 54 advanced user interface components ... Per saperne di più

  3. 3. ScheduleX i

    Marca: Infragistics
    Categoria principale: Componenti Calendario

    Descrizione: Build complete scheduling and task management applications. ScheduleX combines three powerful, lightweight (ATL) components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced ScheduleX 's Calendar, DayView and TaskPad ... Per saperne di più