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    Descrizione: Essential WPF controls for creating Windows applications. Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF provides essential controls, panels and themes that are needed by every WPF developer in the course of building an application’s UI. The themes apply not only to the ... Per saperne di più

  2. 2. Xceed Chart for ASP.NET Archiviata

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    Descrizione: Create advanced charts in your ASP.NET projects with this 2D/3D chart component. Xceed Chart for ASP.NET is a fast-rendering ASP.NET chart control. It provides all the ASP.NET-specific and web-related tools you need to create 2D and 3D charts. It uses ... Per saperne di più

  3. 3. Xceed Chart for .NET i

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    Descrizione: Add charts for your .NET applications with this high-quality yet cost-effective 2D/3D chart component. Xceed Chart for .NET features extensive VS.NET design-time support, built in toolbar and grid, built-in formulas and more. Xceed Chart for .NET includes ... Per saperne di più

  4. Descrizione: A suite of Components to enhance your Windows Presentation Foundation applications. Blendables Essentials Mix is a suite of WPF components that offer functionality ranging from advanced data binding to effects performance enhancements. Blendables ... Per saperne di più