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  1. Testimonianza clienti: InstallShield should be an installation development environment of choice for Visual Studio users. Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio, Microsoft ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  2. Testimonianza clienti: InstallShield allows us to integrate redistributable packages of MS Visual Studio into the setups of our software solutions. Johannes John, Senior Setup Developer, RIB Software AG ... Per saperne di più

  3. Testimonianza clienti: A big win is that we can now securely manage our connections and credentials in a way that is easy to update, easy to share, and easy to protect. Eric Olmstead, SBT’s Building Automation Senior Programmer, Siemens Building Technologies ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  4. Testimonianza clienti: Remote Desktop Manager provides a quick and easy solution for us and is a real life saver. Now we have all of our information combined into one package, and in one place. We’re saving a lot of time each day, and there is definitely a cost-saving component ... Per saperne di più

  5. Testimonianza clienti: I’ve been using Help+Manual for probably 13 years or more doing software training and production process documentation. I have really enjoyed using your product all these years, this is the fourth company I’ve introduced to Help+Manual. Thank you for such ... Per saperne di più

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    Testimonianza clienti: Master Packager makes Application Management fun again, it takes away the complexity and delivers what you need as fast as possible. This product is a MUST have for any IT App Admin. Trond Eirik Haavarstein, Citrix CTP, ... Per saperne di più

  7. Testimonianza clienti: Having never touched the Oracle database system I thought extracting data from a dump file would be difficult. With OraDump to MySQL its point and click and so so easy. Matt Leyland, Key Computer Applications. ... Per saperne di più

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    Testimonianza clienti: I frequently advise developers using Entity Framework to pay attention to what's happening in the database since much of the database work happens under the covers. But we've never had a good tool for doing that. EF Prof is exactly what we Per saperne di più

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    Testimonianza clienti: I am very satisfied with ABViewer. It is a professional program and it helps me a lot with my work. Claus-Peter Spuhn, Ingenieurbüro Spuhn ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  10. Testimonianza clienti: We are very pleased with ABViewer. Everything works perfect and we haven’t had any problems. Christoph Handel, Arsenal Railway Certification GmbH ... Per saperne di più

  11. Testimonianza clienti: I was struggling with ODBC and manually exporting my table. This wonderful utility makes it easy for me to schedule a Win7 task to do this, as often as it needs to be done. John L. Dove, Business Management Research Associates, Inc. ... Per saperne di più

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    Testimonianza clienti: These converters have saved me many hours of work and have converted millions of records of data flawlessly. The quality far exceeds the price. Robert Lyons ... Per saperne di più

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    Testimonianza clienti: I am fully satisfied with your product and have already used this application in dozens of my new projects. Dhurba Joshi ... Per saperne di più