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    Caratteristiche: Oxygene is a modern language that was developed from the ground up for the managed environment. Oxygene was designed to fit in well with the.NET and Java frameworks. Oxygene provides a true super-set of what is available in C#, VB.NET and Java, as well as ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  2. Caratteristiche: Oxygene takes reporting of compiler errors to the next level. Inline Errors let you see what's wrong with your code right inside the code editor, using colored highlights. This allows you focus on your errors in the context of your code, rather than ... Per saperne di più

  3. Caratteristiche: Oxygene's editor-integrated Fix-It support provides automated options to fix common coding errors with a single click – be it to fix the case of an identifier, add a missing semicolon, set up a required assembly reference, or similar. Building on top ... Per saperne di più