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  1. Caratteristiche: Use EurekaLog to capture detailed bug report information during development. Used with a Web Based Bug Tracker, you can create a "punch list" of known bugs, prioritize them and then move on. EurekaLog enables a crash report from within the IDE ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  2. Caratteristiche: The Viewer displays a list of bug reports. Double click on a stack-trace line in the Viewer and your IDE will jump to the corresponding line of code. Viewer can show you attachments to your bug report and screen shots of your end-user's monitor ... Per saperne di più

  3. Caratteristiche: EurekaLog has numerous options and can work with just about any project type. The Settings dialog can run stand-alone or integrated into your Delphi/CBuilder IDE. Eurekalog Project Types You can select from a broad range of project types and DLLs. ... Per saperne di più